Considered by some as the best place in Jammu and Kashmir, mostly because of its undisturbed landscape, a less frequented but extremely beautiful hill station, Yusmarg is now connected by a very good motorable road. With the government working on its roads and connectivity, Yusmarg too, will soon become a tourist hub. At the moment, for those who enjoy trekking long distances and in the remotest of area, Yusmarg has forests with maple trees in them. Overall, Yusmarg is a beautiful place and can actually be called a mini hill stationed is a one of the most romantic places in the state.

At a distance of 47 kms from Srinagar, it can also be called Switzerland or at least something close to it. It's the quietest place out of all tourist destinations in Kashmir and is also an amazing trek spot. Trek enthusiasts would definitely love it here! If you want to enjoy some greenery and peace.

Best time to visit Yusmarg

May to September for Summers and November to February for winters are the best times to be in Yusmarg.

How to Reach Yusmarg

Air: The closest airbase is Srinagar airport, reaching Yusmarg will take approximately 2 hours as it is 47 km away.


Road: Buses and taxis are readily available from Srinagar to Yusmarg

Where to Stay

Accommodation at Yusmarg is available only at JKTDC Tourist Bungalows & Hutments.

Sightseeing in Yusmarg

Nilnag lake and Doodh Ganga can be visited while at Yusmarg. These are about an hour or two away from the town. Apart from that the town is adorned with wide sceneries and lush green meadows.

Activities in Yusmarg

Trekking and Hiking are popular activities in the area.

Yusmarg's Cuisine

While your choices at Yusmarg will not exactly be elaborate, the JKTDC resort and huts provide Indian and continental preparations.

Best Restaurants Nearby

Options for eating out will mostly be limited to the JKTDC accommodations. One might want to carry their own food for shorter excursions.


Yusmarg is best seen on a day trip from Srinagar which is a 2 hour drive away. Reach Yusmarg, break for lunch and head to the Nilnag lake. One may also visit Doodh Ganga. Return to Yusmarg and spend the evening amidst its calmness and tranquil beauty. You may alternatively stay in the town itself for trekking and nature walks. One may return to Srinagar or spend the night here.


Trekkers are advised to carry tents and other necessary food items for the stay. Travel Agents assistance for organized all inclusive tours is recommended.

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